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No Labels No Limits


I stood in the doorway of Lauren’s room and just looked at her as she screamed her little lungs out. She was such a beautiful baby; she seemed so normal, so perfect – except for the constant screaming.

Why won’t she stop screaming?

I thought that if I put a pillow over Lauren’s head to quiet her, just for a minute…

I didn’t want to hurt her; I just needed her to stop screaming for a moment. Just a little moment of silence.

Please. I just need a few seconds.



No Labels, No Limits is an inspirational story of an incredible Mum blessed with a special needs child. With her daughter’s condition undiagnosed, Melissa struggled to cope. Her world fell apart, but Melissa did not merely survive the journey, she took the challenge and thrived.

In No Labels, No Limits she shares how she was able to turn her life around and discover her soul – learning that no matter what situation you are in, you have the ability to change your life and find happiness.

I want the world to know, not how difficult it is to care for a child with a disability, but really how different it is to care for a child with a disability.

Melissa is now encouraging others to live a better life.

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